I wanted to take some special pics of my little guy with his favorite costume on. I think they turned out great. My Husband did an awesome job! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No it’s Super Z!




Hard to believe the pictures started out like this.


Peace, Zebra print and Duct tape Birthday

My daughter loves peace signs and Zebra print. She wanted that for her party theme. After we found some zebra print duct tape we knew that would be the perfect party activity, making duct tape crafts. Here are some of the decorations:





I found directions to make the zebra cake online and it was very easy. My daughter loves fruit, so I used that to decorate the top.




Peace sign pizza





The kids had fun in the photo booth!


They also made duct tape hair bows and lanyards for their school id. Overall I think everyone had a great time.


Happy birthday to my little girl!

Party tray makeover

This is an idea I came up with while preparing for My daughters birthday party. I pulled a dollar store tray out of my party box and came up with a way to make it fit my daughter’s zebra print and peace sign party.


Here is the supplies you need:


duct tape

wrapping paper


Start by cutting little triangles of the duct tape and place them in each corner. This tray had rounded corners, so I needed to do this to cover up all the blue border.


Then I cut a long piece of duct tape and carefully lined it up with the blue line on the tray.  Smooth it down.  There will be excess tape on the corners, so I trimmed the sides to look like this.


Turn the tray over and fold over the rest of the tape.


Continue around all the sides.


For the center, I cut a piece of wrapping paper with the same measurements as the inside of the tray. I used a corner rounder on the corners.  Finally I put a small piece of double stick tape in each corned and one in the center. Then I placed the wrapping paper, starting at one end and smoothing it down as I went.



Now I have a tray that matches the party and a way to transform it for many parties to come.

31 Skirt purse organization

I was starting to get a collection of skirts for my 31 skirt purse.  I wanted a way to store them, so that I could see all that I had.  The answer was hanging in my closet! I used a hanger to hang all my skirts, Now I can see what I have and it takes up very little space in my closet.


Rhinestone shirt


For Christmas I got a Silhouette Rhinestone starter kit. I could not wait to make a school spirit shirt for my daughter.

First I purchased the rhinestone letters that I wanted from the silhouette store.


Then I arranged the letters in the Silhouette studio software.


I decided to just do the GE since it was my first time using the rhinestones. Even just the 2 letters took a lot of rhinestones. I cut the letters out of the rhinestone template material.


Then I added the various sized rhinestones.


You cover the rhinestones with the transfer tape that comes with the kit and finally you cover it with a pressing cloth and iron it onto your shirt. The transfer tape works the same as the vinyl transfer tape, but it is heat resistant, so it will withstand the hot iron. I am very happy with how it turned out, but I will need to buy lots more rhinestones for my next project.


Christmas card

We finally finished our Christmas card!  My talented husband did most of the work, but I added my own finishing touches. I can’t wait for them to come!!!

My husband and I are very competitive and we each try to sell the other on our Christmas card idea. This year my Husband’s idea won, but next year will be my year.

If you did not get our card last year, here is an example of how crazy we get over our cardsSmile


I am sure everyone with kids has this same busy schedule.  The inside was a beautiful picture taken by my husband. If you want to know more about how he took the picture you can read about it on his blog.


I am already thinking ahead for next years card. I think I already have the winning idea!

Advent calendar

Many years ago I created this cute advent calendar for the kids after seeing it in Family Fun Magazine.  First of all I can not throw anything away, so I had a drawer of socks that had lost their mates in my laundry room.  Most of the sock no longer fit the kids, so I thought they were perfect for this project.


I used tiny clothespins to hang them on a length of twine.  In each tiny sock I placed to sweet treats for my kids.


While planning my son’s first birthday, I found another use for the sock garland.  I thought it fit in perfectly with my SOCK monkey theme! I took off all the girly socks and added a few new baby socks.  To tie it all together I added a sock monkey onesie in the middle.  I love seeing all the baby socks, cause kids grow so fast. 



Turkey Shirt

I created a cute turkey ribbon shirt for a sweet little girl. I used a turkey that I downloaded from the shilouette gallery. I then hand sewed ribbon to the shirt to make the feathers.

I cut the turkey out on my wishblade. I ironed the turkey over the ribbon. I know who will be the best dressed at Thanksgiving!


< p>

Mom shirt

I wanted a shirt to wear to my kids basketball games. The problem was that I have a cheerleader and a basketball player. I wanted to represent both on my shirt. I tried a lot of combinations before I came up with the final product. At each game the kids get stars that I iron on their shirt sleeve, they show what the child was good at that week. It gave me the idea to use my sleeves. I put my daughters name in a megaphone on one sleeve and my son’s on the other with his number. I used iron on the fabric interface to my fabric and ran it through my cutter. I then had to hand place all the letters. Next time I will get the iron on vinyl to make it easier.


Where’s Waldo Family

We go to a lot of family Halloween parties each year. I like to have matching family costumes for these special events.  My son is in LOVE with the Where’s Waldo books.  Last year I got the idea that we could dress up like the Waldo characters.  I thought it would be easy to find red and white shirts for everyone.  Much to my dismay there is not a high demand for such shirts.  So, I made my own.


It was a very easy process. I read a lot of posts online about painting on shirts using freezer paper. I thought it would be perfect for this project.  I purchased the freezer paper at my local grocery store. I cut it on my paper cutter to get a nice straight line. I then alternated the freezer paper on the shirt to create the stripes.


I ironed the paper to the shirt and then painted the red stripes with fabric paint and a foam brush. 


This was a very simple project. The hardest part was waiting for it to dry.  The freezer paper peeled right off and left me with great looking shirts. No one believed that I made them.



Waldo, Wolf, Wenda, Wilma and Waldo Watchers

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