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All boy

We had a little kids chair that was our daughters.  I wanted to recover it for my son.  I was very surprised how easy it was.


I purchased some denim fabric.  I forgot to purchase 10% more then I thought I would need and I forgot to prewash the fabric.  Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.  So after another trip to the fabric store and a little help from my husband and a staple gun, here is the finished product.


Not bad, if I do say so myself.  We left all the pink fabric.  It made it a lot easier to copy how the fabric was originally done.  The hardest part was the seat. Originally it was probably done before the chair, was fully assembled.  We just tucked it in and stapled the best we could.  Now hopefully this chair will be able to comfort another child of mine  in style.


Baseball clipboard

This is another clipboard I created using Cut and Create software for the Xyron Wishblade.  I scanned in my son’s baseball shirt to get the logo.  I then cut it out of cardstock and put it on a clipboard with the word coach.  I covered the whole thing with Modge podge.


I wanted to make a clipboard as a thank you gift for my daughters cheerleading coaches. I purchased my clipboards at Michael’s. The nice part is you are able to take the clip off, which makes painting easier:) I wanted the clipboard to look like the girls cheer uniforms, so I taped it off and painted one color at a time.


For the logo I created it in Cut and Create a program that came with my Xyron Wishblade. I wanted to scan the logo on the cheer top, but it did not scan well. I then looked for a font similar to the one on her cheer top. I made a U with an out line. Then I used a star and skewed it a little to look more like the logo. I think it turned out real close.


I cut the U and star out of contact paper (my cheap vinyl trick). This works good, because I am just going to paint on it. I started by painting the center of the U. Then I peeled off the out line and put the U center on top of what I already painted. I painted the outline and then followed the same steps for painting the star.  Finally I added some stickers letters inside the star and added the coaches name cut out of vinyl.


I covered the whole thing with a layer of Modge podge and added a ribbon to make it pretty. 


I clipped a piece of copy paper for my daughter to write a little that you note.

Dollar store craft

While cleaning the top of the fridge I found something I was inspired to make after the CKC expo. I purchased a cookie sheet at the $ store. I then cut some coordinating paper in 7 strips to fit the cookie sheet. Next I used rub-ons to mark the days of the week. I used my single sheet laminator to laminate the papers. This let’s me write on it with a dry erase marker. Finally I used some cute chore magnets that I picked up years ago in the Michael’s dollar bins. I plan to hang it on the side of my pantry, so the kids can see the weeks activities. Enjoy!

Amish friendship bread

A friend of mine blessed me with some wonderful Amish friendship bread. I loved the idea of passing it on to your friends. I was dying to share it with my MAGIC sisters from church. After searching the Internet I found this starter recipe

I made the recipe and put 1 cup in each ziplock bag. I added a label with the name and date. Finally I passed it out to all my friends along with a copy of these directions


I know I have said this before, but what DID we do before the Internet?

Snow days!

Since the kids have had2 snow days I thought we could finally get caught up on some projects. Last week I found 3 lonely Chia pets in my husbands closet. I decided it would be a fun project for the kids. We had to soak the seeds for 24 hours, good thing we got that extra snow day! Every time U look in the window I smile at Garfield, Shaggy and Einstein.

My daughter was begging me to make her favorite cookie dough cupcakes. You can get the recipe here

This is another 2 day project. You make the dough and freeze it overnight. Then you drop the dough in your cupcake mix and bake. I am a little lazy, so I used a box cake mix. It made 30 cupcakes and we have dough leftover for another time.

I love how the kids are amazed that the cookies do not bake inside the cupcakes. They don’t bake because they are frozen and do not have any egg in the dough mixture. It’s like a science project.

iPhone valentines

Yesterday we spent a lot of time making the iPod valentines.  My daughter wanted to make iPhones, but I thought the iPods with the printable, would be easier then creating something from scratch.  We also wanted to put the apple logo or a heart on the back.

Well obviously great minds think alike!  I was surprised to find just want we wanted in my inbox from one of my favorite blogs, Living Locutro.  Here is the link to an awesome iPhone valentine.  I guess I will have to find some good homes for my labor intensive iPod valentines, since my daughter wants to make the iPhone ones now.


iPod Valentines

Since the kids were off school today, I decided to get started on Valentines for school. My daughter decided on iPod Valentines we found on

On the website you can even customize the songs you want to show on the screen.
My daughter picked the songs and I printed them out. I then had to use my scanner-copier-printer to print out multiples on a page. The project took some time, but the result was too cute!


I was trying to juggle a million things.  I was carrying my yoga mat, water bottle, baby and phone.  I did not realize that I dropped my phone in the garage. I went to the gym and came home and was franticly trying to find my phone. Calling it did not work.  Well I retraced my steps and found it face down in the garage under my van. That’s right I said UNDER.  Here is what it looked like after I turned it over.


After a trip to the AT&T store and the apple store, I could spend $99 to fix the screen or $199 to fix the screen and my broken off button.  I was not eligible for an upgrade till May!  After telling my sad story to all my friends I found a new solution. eBay! It is amazing what you can buy on eBay. For only $7 (you can have a new screen for your phone.  After a quick tutorial on YouTube we were on our way to a new screen. 


My husband was able to fix my screen and the broken button.  I am so happy that I no longer get a headache trying to read my e-mail. What did we ever do before the internet?  This is the exact reason I want to blog. To share little tidbits with others who are idea junkies like me.

New year, new projects

Like everyone else I have made some resolutions for the new year.  I am off to a good start and I hope that I will be able to keep up with them.

1. Blog more: I want to blog about all my craft projects and parties. I hope that it might just inspire someone else.  I love the inspiration I find on other peoples blogs and hope that I can pay it forward.

2. Room by Room challenge: I had the great idea to go room by room in my house and clean up, fix up and throw out junk.  I put the names of all our rooms in an envelope and the kids draw a name of the room we will focus on.

We started this week with my husbands office and it looks great! We fixed the carpet tiles, washed the walls and threw away all our old textbooks.  This week my daughters room is getting a tween makeover:)

I am excited to start a new year and can not wait to see what exciting projects I will be making:)

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