I was trying to juggle a million things.  I was carrying my yoga mat, water bottle, baby and phone.  I did not realize that I dropped my phone in the garage. I went to the gym and came home and was franticly trying to find my phone. Calling it did not work.  Well I retraced my steps and found it face down in the garage under my van. That’s right I said UNDER.  Here is what it looked like after I turned it over.


After a trip to the AT&T store and the apple store, I could spend $99 to fix the screen or $199 to fix the screen and my broken off button.  I was not eligible for an upgrade till May!  After telling my sad story to all my friends I found a new solution. eBay! It is amazing what you can buy on eBay. For only $7 (you can have a new screen for your phone.  After a quick tutorial on YouTube we were on our way to a new screen. 


My husband was able to fix my screen and the broken button.  I am so happy that I no longer get a headache trying to read my e-mail. What did we ever do before the internet?  This is the exact reason I want to blog. To share little tidbits with others who are idea junkies like me.

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