Snow days!

Since the kids have had2 snow days I thought we could finally get caught up on some projects. Last week I found 3 lonely Chia pets in my husbands closet. I decided it would be a fun project for the kids. We had to soak the seeds for 24 hours, good thing we got that extra snow day! Every time U look in the window I smile at Garfield, Shaggy and Einstein.

My daughter was begging me to make her favorite cookie dough cupcakes. You can get the recipe here

This is another 2 day project. You make the dough and freeze it overnight. Then you drop the dough in your cupcake mix and bake. I am a little lazy, so I used a box cake mix. It made 30 cupcakes and we have dough leftover for another time.

I love how the kids are amazed that the cookies do not bake inside the cupcakes. They don’t bake because they are frozen and do not have any egg in the dough mixture. It’s like a science project.

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