Review of Silhouette studio 1.3.0

I am a proud owner of a pink Xyron Wishblade.  I have taught myself to cut stuff out of vinyl, use my cutter for glass etching and, of course, scrapbooking.  I am a confident computer user.  I used to make lots of stuff in PowerPoint.  But, the wishblade software is nothing like PowerPoint.  It is not similar to any program used by the masses.  This makes it hard to master.  I have friends that own cricuts and after reading a few simple instructions they are cutting all sorts of things.  I however, have spent a ton of time trying to figure out my machine that not many people like to blog about.  Then while reading one of my user groups I discovered that silhouette offers a FREE program Studio 1.3.0.  I tried it and am in LOVE!

Here is the direct link so you can try it for yourself.

It was so easy to install and it even works on my brand spankin’ new PC.  A feature that I thought was soo cool was it shows exactly where your design is going to cut.  It shows your cutting mat and where your paper should go.  I can’t even count how many times I would cut my mat instead of paper, never again. My favorite part is that there is even 2 projects that you can make with step by step instructions on exactly how to use the program. Here is what I created with the first tutorial.


The other cool part is that each week they offer a free shape to download each week.  They post the shape along with lots of cool ideas on there blog.

If you have a wishblade like me check out their program, you will be surprised at the ease of use.

  • I really like the price

    • Anonymous

      I LOVE the price too!

  • Kristin

    I have a wishblade that’s been sitting in the box for years because it’s not easy to use the software. How can you use the Silhouette software with the Wishblade? I downloaded the Silhouette software just need to know how to get it communicating with my wishblade. Thanks!!

    • Bowmeister67

      Did you ever figure it out? I downloaded the software but it is not recognizing my wishblade.

      • y2kmom

        You need to use the legacy version. It is at the bottom of the silhouette download page. The newest version will not work with the wishblade. Once you turn your wishblade on, the software should just recognize it.

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