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Bunny Birthday Bash-invites

My little girl is turning 11 and she is crazy about bunnies, so she asked for a bunny party.  This is the perfect time of year to get bunny items, I just wish her birthday was after Easter, so I could get stuff on clearance.  Oh well!

I found a bunny invite that I liked on the internet.  I love how the bunnies are peeking around the edge of the card.

Bunny Buds Children's Birthday Party Invitations

I thought it would be easy to create on my wishblade.  Luckily the shilouette store had lots of bunnies for me to choose from and for 99 cents it is a steal.


I choose the top bunny and cut a page of bunnies and hair bows out of 3 different patterned papers.  Then I made in invitation in word and printed it on cardstock.  Finally I glued the bunnies on and trimmed off the excess.  I think they turned out very cute!


VistaPrint banner

I LOVE VistaPrint I make gifts for teachers and friends on there all the time.  Lots of people ask how I make the items, so here is a tutorial for a banner.

I got an e-mail to make a free banner, so I decided to make one for my daughter’s girl scout troop. They can use it when they are selling cookies around town. I wanted to make it pretty plain so they can use it for a long time.

First you go under signage and choose banner.


I choose browse our designs, but you can upload your own for a small fee.  I types kids in the search box.



I picked the 3rd one. and started to customize it.



I wanted the “got cookies?” to be bigger so I clicked on advanced editing.


I made the font bigger, I could have also changes the font color or added a picture.  At the bottom I checked online proof approval. If you are not ready to order you can click “save for later” on the left hand side.


Choose your quantity as 1 and click next.  Then choose your shipping.  I always pick slow and it never takes the 21 days. 


It will then show you lots of other things you can order keep clicking through till you get to this screen.



Now you are already paying for shipping, so why not make the other free products they offer.  It combines your shipping, so the more things you order your shipping per item gets less and less.

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