Bunny Birthday Bash-invites

My little girl is turning 11 and she is crazy about bunnies, so she asked for a bunny party.  This is the perfect time of year to get bunny items, I just wish her birthday was after Easter, so I could get stuff on clearance.  Oh well!

I found a bunny invite that I liked on the internet.  I love how the bunnies are peeking around the edge of the card.

Bunny Buds Children's Birthday Party Invitations

I thought it would be easy to create on my wishblade.  Luckily the shilouette store had lots of bunnies for me to choose from and for 99 cents it is a steal.


I choose the top bunny and cut a page of bunnies and hair bows out of 3 different patterned papers.  Then I made in invitation in word and printed it on cardstock.  Finally I glued the bunnies on and trimmed off the excess.  I think they turned out very cute!


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