Bunny Birthday Bash- games

Since this party is around Easter and my daughter really wanted to have an egg hunt, that gave me a lot of ideas for games.  The egg hunt will be our main game, but with a little twist.  I painted all the eggs with glow in the dark paint that I got at the craft store.  The key is the eggs need lots of light to activate their “glow in the dark.  So I set the eggs in a well lit room to absorb some lightSmile   To make the eggs glow even more we put up a black light in the basement.  The girls loved it so much they kept the black light on all night.

Another game is the popular egg on a spoon relay.  The kids have to put a spoon in their mouth with an egg on it and race to pass it to a teammate on the other side of the room.  This game ended in a tie, but the girls did not seem to mind.

Finally, we played the egg relay where you hold the egg under your chin and pass it to the person behind you.  This brought lots and lots of giggles!

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