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Party tray makeover

This is an idea I came up with while preparing for My daughters birthday party. I pulled a dollar store tray out of my party box and came up with a way to make it fit my daughter’s zebra print and peace sign party.


Here is the supplies you need:


duct tape

wrapping paper


Start by cutting little triangles of the duct tape and place them in each corner. This tray had rounded corners, so I needed to do this to cover up all the blue border.


Then I cut a long piece of duct tape and carefully lined it up with the blue line on the tray.  Smooth it down.  There will be excess tape on the corners, so I trimmed the sides to look like this.


Turn the tray over and fold over the rest of the tape.


Continue around all the sides.


For the center, I cut a piece of wrapping paper with the same measurements as the inside of the tray. I used a corner rounder on the corners.  Finally I put a small piece of double stick tape in each corned and one in the center. Then I placed the wrapping paper, starting at one end and smoothing it down as I went.



Now I have a tray that matches the party and a way to transform it for many parties to come.

31 Skirt purse organization

I was starting to get a collection of skirts for my 31 skirt purse.  I wanted a way to store them, so that I could see all that I had.  The answer was hanging in my closet! I used a hanger to hang all my skirts, Now I can see what I have and it takes up very little space in my closet.


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