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Peace, Zebra print and Duct tape Birthday

My daughter loves peace signs and Zebra print. She wanted that for her party theme. After we found some zebra print duct tape we knew that would be the perfect party activity, making duct tape crafts. Here are some of the decorations:





I found directions to make the zebra cake online and it was very easy. My daughter loves fruit, so I used that to decorate the top.




Peace sign pizza





The kids had fun in the photo booth!


They also made duct tape hair bows and lanyards for their school id. Overall I think everyone had a great time.


Happy birthday to my little girl!

Advent calendar

Many years ago I created this cute advent calendar for the kids after seeing it in Family Fun Magazine.  First of all I can not throw anything away, so I had a drawer of socks that had lost their mates in my laundry room.  Most of the sock no longer fit the kids, so I thought they were perfect for this project.


I used tiny clothespins to hang them on a length of twine.  In each tiny sock I placed to sweet treats for my kids.


While planning my son’s first birthday, I found another use for the sock garland.  I thought it fit in perfectly with my SOCK monkey theme! I took off all the girly socks and added a few new baby socks.  To tie it all together I added a sock monkey onesie in the middle.  I love seeing all the baby socks, cause kids grow so fast. 



Cookie Monster party


It’s hard to believe that my little cookie monster is 2! After seeing a messy cookie face a million times I decided to do a cookies and milk party.  What is a cookie party with out the cookie monsterSmile

I used tissue paper wadded up to make my 3D door sign for the party.


After naptime the birthday boy was excited to see all his cookie monster decorations.


The guests enjoyed cookies and cupcakes with milk. I set out ice cream for the guests to create their own ice cram sandwiches too. I created labels for the cookie jars by using chalkboard vinyl.


My favorite was the icebox cake made from a Martha Stewart recipe.


I used a cake pan to create this special jello mold.


The children dined on milk crates and helped create the table runner.


Everyone went home with boxed up goodies, recipe cards and a mini cookie jar with cookie crisp cereal.



The little kids went home with a cookie sippy cup, bowl, fork and spoon set, milk carton of goldfish and a personalized sand bucket. The older kids got a personalized cinch sac to hold all their treats from the piñata.


My favorite part was a photo op with the birthday boy sporting a milk mustache.


Getting ready for a 2nd birthday

Well I have already been busy making things for Z’s birthday on my wishblade.  Can you guess my theme?


Did you guess Cookie Monster? Z is my little cookie monster. He always has his face covered in cookies.

This bib I found at the Dollar tree.  I then searched for Cookie Monster’s face on the internet.  I found one I liked and opened in in Cut and Create.  The eyes were a little choppy, so I used the circle tool to create my own eyes they same size.  I then used this face on anything I could think of.


For the cups I used chalkboard contact paper for the mouth.  On the bowls I used outdoor vinyl to stand up to washings.


I found a hat template online and cut it out on the wishblade.  Then I made the fringe by cutting crepe paper.



I found the honey comb decorations at the party store and also added cookies face.

I also made the goody bags with Cookie’s face.  Be sure to check them out too.

Bunny Birthday Bash-food

The birthday girl had some strong opinions on the food.  She wanted lots of carrots.  I had baby carrots with ranch dressing.  In the dressing I put a few carrots with the stem and all.  The girls loved these the most.


I also made a carrot cake, my daughters favorite.  Unfortunately, it was not any of the other girls favorite.  To tie it in with the theme I made chocolate ears, eyes and a nose.


To please the other girls I made chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes and used chocolate to make the face and ears.  For the tail I used white cotton candy.


To make these cupcakes make your favorite chocolate chip cookie dough, but leave out the eggs.  I used mini chocolate chips instead of the big ones.  Scoop out the dough and freeze overnight.  I used a box mix for the cupcakes. I put a scoop of the mix in the cupcake liners then added the frozen cookie dough.  Then I topped it off with another scoop of cupcake mix.  Bake as directed on the box.  These cupcakes were a big hit.

Bunny Birthday Bash-decorations

I believe that decorations set the mood for the party.  With that said I like to go a little overboard with decorations, to make my house look party ready.

For this party I put my wishblade to work.  It was cutting tons of cute bunnies for me.  I used some bunnies as hanging decorations or garland.


I also used what was supposed to be a card to make a birthday banner.


I rolled strips of tissue paper around my fingers to make the roses for the #11, flower arrangement and the ball o flowers.


I also made tissue paper flowers to add punches of color.


I let the kids decorate some plastic eggs with stickers and used them around the house.


The best part of this party is that I am able to enjoy the decorations for a few weeks until Easter.  Then we will get ready for our 1st Communion.

Bunny Birthday Bash- table

I think I spent most of my crafting time on making a beautiful table for the party.  The best part is we can enjoy it again on Easter.  I searched the internet and fell in love with these grass placemats.


I was going to make my own with fake grass from the hardware store, when I found plain ones at Hobby Lobby.  I added my own paper flowers, bunnies and eggs to make a unique table runner.


Even the cat thought it was real.  My daughter picked out cute gingham plates and I found some leftover bunny napkins and coasters from a previous Easter party.  I folded white napkins in a bunny shape and set it on the plate. Finally I wrapped green silverware in an orange napkin to look like a carrot.


Bunny Birthday Bash-invites

My little girl is turning 11 and she is crazy about bunnies, so she asked for a bunny party.  This is the perfect time of year to get bunny items, I just wish her birthday was after Easter, so I could get stuff on clearance.  Oh well!

I found a bunny invite that I liked on the internet.  I love how the bunnies are peeking around the edge of the card.

Bunny Buds Children's Birthday Party Invitations

I thought it would be easy to create on my wishblade.  Luckily the shilouette store had lots of bunnies for me to choose from and for 99 cents it is a steal.


I choose the top bunny and cut a page of bunnies and hair bows out of 3 different patterned papers.  Then I made in invitation in word and printed it on cardstock.  Finally I glued the bunnies on and trimmed off the excess.  I think they turned out very cute!


Z’s first birthday

Well the big day has come and gone. I must say that I felt very well organized for this party.

I did a sock monkey theme for the big day. There is not a lot of party supplies out there as you can imagine, so I created my own.


Guests were greeted with a sign I created for the front door. This was the first project that I used my xyron wishblade. I love that little machine!


I made this banner to showcase the monthly pictures we took. Each month we took Z’s picture with a bear to show how much he was growing. He wore a onesie that we decorated with an iron on that said how many months old he was.


This is a decoration I created on my wishblade. I was able to scan in a monkey from my paper and then make it a cut file. Before my wishblade, I would have hand cut out all those monkeys.


I hung Z’s humorous onesies in the window. I had tags on the onesies that told the size. Little ones grow so fast!


My older kids decorated the mantel with they toy monkeys. I had already make the sock banner. I saw it in Family Fun. It was supposed to be an advent decoration. You could put candy in each sock. The socks were all from my “lost mate” drawer. In the middle is an outgrown onesie that says “Mommy’s little Monkey” and is decorated with a sock monkey


A barrel of monkeys hung from the light fixtures holding pics of the birthday boy.


I was inspired by some decorated balloons in a Martha Stewart magazine. The only problem was these balloons lost their helium almost immediately. My Dad came up with the idea to tape them to the wall:)


Here are the party hats that I gave a monkey makeover. I was inspired by monkey cups that I saw on the Martha Stewart show.


This is a place setting for the kids. I used my older son’s flat sheet for a table cloth. I made the monkey cups and the straw decoration, so the kids would not get their cups mixed up.


I wanted to have some of Z’s favorite snacks at the party. So I made these little signs to let everyone know what the snacks were. This reminds me of the baby shower game where you eat baby food and guess the flavor.


This is the big spread. We had salad, breadsticks, corn, ziti, london broil and banana pudding. In the back ground you can kinda see the slideshow my hubby made of Z’s first year.


These are the cupcakes I made. I was inspired by some sock monkey paper I picked up at Michael’s. It had the colorful monkeys, so I repeated the colors in all the decorations.


This is the best cake that my friend has ever made! She was going to just make a number 1 cake till she saw this in an e-mail from wilton. Surprisingly it is made with the bear cake pan. I just love this cake and it was very yummy!




This was the most time consuming part of the party planning. What is a sock monkey party without sock monkeys? Well after purchasing a sock monkey kit, I decided that i could mass produce them for the party. I made 7 of these cuties, so that each child cold take one home. I found the socks at the Dollar Tree. I got two pairs for $1! I then recruited my aunt to help stich up the legs, arms and tails. I then hand sewed all the pieces together.

At the party each kids got a certificate of adoption and was able to pick out an outfit for their monkey. This was a huge hit!

At the end of the party the guests signed a photobook that I created for the birthday boy at CVS. They then left with a CD with the photos from the slideshow. The kids got socks, monkey gummy teats, candy and their sock monkey. These were all in a cinch jungle theme backpack.

Well I had a great time creating all the decorations for this party. I hope it will inspire you!

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