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Christmas card

We finally finished our Christmas card!  My talented husband did most of the work, but I added my own finishing touches. I can’t wait for them to come!!!

My husband and I are very competitive and we each try to sell the other on our Christmas card idea. This year my Husband’s idea won, but next year will be my year.

If you did not get our card last year, here is an example of how crazy we get over our cardsSmile


I am sure everyone with kids has this same busy schedule.  The inside was a beautiful picture taken by my husband. If you want to know more about how he took the picture you can read about it on his blog.


I am already thinking ahead for next years card. I think I already have the winning idea!

Mom shirt

I wanted a shirt to wear to my kids basketball games. The problem was that I have a cheerleader and a basketball player. I wanted to represent both on my shirt. I tried a lot of combinations before I came up with the final product. At each game the kids get stars that I iron on their shirt sleeve, they show what the child was good at that week. It gave me the idea to use my sleeves. I put my daughters name in a megaphone on one sleeve and my son’s on the other with his number. I used iron on the fabric interface to my fabric and ran it through my cutter. I then had to hand place all the letters. Next time I will get the iron on vinyl to make it easier.


Pumpkin shirt

I have been busy creating seasonal shirts for my niece.  I wish I had my cutter when my daughter was little. I took a pumpkin and wrote her name in the middle.


I cut it out of fabric with the iron on stuff on the back.  Ironed it on the shirt and presto!


Work of Art

Everytime I walked the hall my my kids school this painting always caught my eye.


I was so excited when My son brought it home on the last day of school.  I need to come up with a creative way to showcase this work of Art.


After Z was invited to an Elmo party I decided to see what I could make with my wishblade.  I was very happy with the results. I made a bib, t-shirt and a tiny hair clip.


20110513_0641 20110513_0645


The clip turned out so cute.  I think I might make them for the girls at Z’s party.

Bunny Birthday Bash- games

Since this party is around Easter and my daughter really wanted to have an egg hunt, that gave me a lot of ideas for games.  The egg hunt will be our main game, but with a little twist.  I painted all the eggs with glow in the dark paint that I got at the craft store.  The key is the eggs need lots of light to activate their “glow in the dark.  So I set the eggs in a well lit room to absorb some lightSmile   To make the eggs glow even more we put up a black light in the basement.  The girls loved it so much they kept the black light on all night.

Another game is the popular egg on a spoon relay.  The kids have to put a spoon in their mouth with an egg on it and race to pass it to a teammate on the other side of the room.  This game ended in a tie, but the girls did not seem to mind.

Finally, we played the egg relay where you hold the egg under your chin and pass it to the person behind you.  This brought lots and lots of giggles!

Tie shirt tips

Well, I was so excited to have my little guy wear his tie shirt for Valentine’s Day.  It did not even last a hour in childcare at the YMCA.  He ripped it right off his shirtSad smile  So here is what I learned.  ONLY iron the iron on stuff one direction.  This is what I did wrong.  I thought that if I ironed on the fabric to the shirt from the back side it would “stick” better.  You need to iron it on from the front, otherwise you can pull it right off.  Keep this in mind if you make this tie shirt.

All boy

We had a little kids chair that was our daughters.  I wanted to recover it for my son.  I was very surprised how easy it was.


I purchased some denim fabric.  I forgot to purchase 10% more then I thought I would need and I forgot to prewash the fabric.  Hopefully you can learn from my mistakes.  So after another trip to the fabric store and a little help from my husband and a staple gun, here is the finished product.


Not bad, if I do say so myself.  We left all the pink fabric.  It made it a lot easier to copy how the fabric was originally done.  The hardest part was the seat. Originally it was probably done before the chair, was fully assembled.  We just tucked it in and stapled the best we could.  Now hopefully this chair will be able to comfort another child of mine  in style.


Baseball clipboard

This is another clipboard I created using Cut and Create software for the Xyron Wishblade.  I scanned in my son’s baseball shirt to get the logo.  I then cut it out of cardstock and put it on a clipboard with the word coach.  I covered the whole thing with Modge podge.

iPhone valentines

Yesterday we spent a lot of time making the iPod valentines.  My daughter wanted to make iPhones, but I thought the iPods with the printable, would be easier then creating something from scratch.  We also wanted to put the apple logo or a heart on the back.

Well obviously great minds think alike!  I was surprised to find just want we wanted in my inbox from one of my favorite blogs, Living Locutro.  Here is the link to an awesome iPhone valentine.  I guess I will have to find some good homes for my labor intensive iPod valentines, since my daughter wants to make the iPhone ones now.


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